Shark Buns

OK so wees gots a big pwoblem!! Mommy always says dat wees bees like little sharks circling hers feetsies when wees want noms. And yous know what hers did?! Hers bought Halloween costumes fur us and yous knows what wees ‘sposed to bees?! Sharks!! Mommy bought little shark fins fur us to wear! But guess what?! Wees not allowing dis to hoppen!! Hers finks dat if hers moves slow and takes hers time intwoducing dees shark fins to us dat wees will not bees scared and wees won’t hop away. But wees absolutely not wearing dohs fings! Furget it, mommy!! What doos yous fink, fwiends? Doos yous agwee dat mommy bees silly finking dat wees gonna wear shark fins?! Yous gotta help us out, evewypawdy!!