Wees gonna start off when mommy was just a little bun. Hers was in da 3rd gwade when hers wead in a magazine dat manatees bees endangered!! Dis was in a National Geographic magazine and deys gave da option to adopt a manatee. How cool!! So mommy, being da little bun dat hers was, and such da animal lover, talked to hers teacher. Da teacher said it was a bunderful idea and guess what?! Mommy’s whole class got togefer and adopted a manatee!! Wowweeee!! Luckily, da manatees no longer bees endangered but deys still bees on da thweatened list.

Now wees hop to wecent times. Yesterday, a couple of manatees was in big twouble after dat mean ol’ Hurricane Irma came to Florida! Irma took some of da water and left 2 majestic sea cows stwanded!! Oh no! BUT even doh Irma was getting close, some vewy nice hoomins took da time to wescue da lovely cweatures and get dem back in some water!! Hip hop hooway! Wees send out lots of bunny love to da hoomins who helped in da wescue! Yous gets 2 paws up fwom us!!

Please check out da story via Fox 13 News. Der even bees video so definitely check out dees buntastic hoomins saving da ever so bootiful manatees! Wees love manatees!