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Gizmo & Ebony here!! Wees gots ours own blog where wees can talk and not just mommy talking fur us!! *binkies* Wees bees so buncited fur dis!! Wees gonna share stories, videos, pickies and anyfing dat wees deem fit fur entertainment. So enjoy!!

Hoppy Burfday!

Today bees a vewy special day fur two of ours fwiends!! Licorice and Misty bees celebewating der 2nd burfday!! OMB!! Time sure flies! It seems like yesterday deys moved in wif der mommy! Hoppy Burfday ours bootiful fwiends! Wees hope yous has many, many more!! Please visit Licorice and Misty on Facebook and give dem a like!!… Read more: Hoppy Burfday!

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Wees gonna start off when mommy was just a little bun. Hers was in da 3rd gwade when hers wead in a magazine dat manatees bees endangered!! Dis was in a National Geographic magazine and deys gave da option to adopt a manatee. How cool!! So mommy, being da little bun dat hers was, and… Read more: Cow-a-bun-ga

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Shark Buns

OK so wees gots a big pwoblem!! Mommy always says dat wees bees like little sharks circling hers feetsies when wees want noms. And yous know what hers did?! Hers bought Halloween costumes fur us and yous knows what wees ‘sposed to bees?! Sharks!! Mommy bought little shark fins fur us to wear! But guess… Read more: Shark Buns

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